Ways to boost your school lettings programme Schoolhire Solutions Ltd
Ways to boost your school lettings programme
March 8, 2024
Tips and tricks for hiring out your school facilities Schoolhire Solutions Ltd
Tips and tricks for hiring out your school facilities
March 8, 2024
Office space for hire A checklist Schoolhire Solutions Ltd

Looking for office space for hire? You’ll need this checklist

If you’re looking for an office space for hire and, especially if you’re actively viewing offices for hire at the moment or soon-to-be, it’s important that you view each office space with a specific criteria in mind; helping you find the ideal office space for your needs. To help you, we’ve put together this office space checklist.

Office space for hire: A checklist

Is it within your desired budget? First and foremost, budget is likely on your mind and finding an office space for hire that you like that’s within your desired budget is crucial to the overall financial health of your business. As a result, before viewing offices for hire, always define a lower end and higher end budget so you know exactly what you’re willing to spend. 

Is it accessible to all employees? Your employees may have specific mobility or sensory needs and ensuring that the office you’re hiring is accessible for, not only your employees, but also your clients and visitors is imperative to comfort, enjoyment and inclusivity. Accessibility may come in the form of a lift, ramps, hearing loops or brightly coloured hallways & pillars, for example. 

What services, shops and amenities are in the surrounding area? You want your employees and visitors to feel comfortable and safe in your new office space, so exploring the immediate area for shops, amenities and services such as corner shops, supermarkets, and cafes, and understanding what’s available is a good idea. You may even want to be close to a local gastropub for working lunches and informal meetings with clients. 

Is there parking and easy access to local transport? Parking and/or easy access to local transport such as tube stations and bus routes will be crucial to ensuring your employees, clients and visitors can easily and comfortably make it to your new office without too many complications or disturbances to their day. Finding an office with free parking or close to a main train or tube station will be a big plus for you and your employees!

Is it big enough? Offices come in all shapes and sizes, and ensuring your new office space is big enough – taking into account any expansion goals & objectives over the next few years – is important to the long term health of your business. When viewing an office space for hire, go in considering “is this office big enough for us now, and will it be big enough for us in the next 1,2,3,4,5… years?” 

What A/V tech and internet access does the space include? Whether you require access to computers, complimentary WiFi, projectors, a stereo system or conference calling, it’s a good idea to understand what A/V and internet access is included in your lease, and what you need to supply yourself or pay for separately – every venue is different and offers a wealth of different technologies. 

Do you like it? Finally – if you’re going to be spending upwards of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in the same office, you’ll need to like it! Ask yourself questions like “is it comfortable?”, “is it bright?” “does the layout make sense?”; these are all questions that the answers will help you to understand whether or not you actually like the office in front of you. 

Office for hire, Elephant & Castle 

Showcased as part of our growing directory of affordable and well-equipped facilities for hire is the Year 7 block at Notre Dame RC Girls’ School in Elephant & Castle, just an 8 minute walk from the tube station; featuring generously sized office space with complimentary WiFi and meeting rooms. 


To find out more about Notre Dame RC Girls’ School’s Year 7 block, please click here or contact us for more information

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