Best facilities for hire in and around Bexleyheath Schoolhire Solutions Ltd
Best facilities for hire in and around Bexleyheath
March 8, 2024
Cool venues to hire in and around london
April 10, 2024
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Want more from your hired venue? Here’s how to get the most out of your venue

When hiring a venue or facility, especially in and around London where venue availability can often be scarce or costs high, getting the most out of your venue is paramount to the success of your next event, class or group.

How to get the most out of your venue

Know the capacity you require: hiring a venue that’s too big (or too small!) can end up costing you if you’re not careful! Before searching for a venue for hire, consider, and possibly note down, a list of key requirements, including capacity, minimum & maximum budget and any A/V equipment you need. This will make finding your ideal venue much easier and help ensure you don’t overspend on facilities you actually don’t need – leading to that all-important value for money.

Check dates & be flexible: some venues will charge more for certain facilities on certain dates, days of the week and periods of the year, typically when demand is extremely high and teams are especially busy. As such, if you can, be flexible and check dates, days and times for any on and off-peak prices, there may be some savings to be made!

Ask, ask, ask: if you require additional amenities, would like to hire more than 1 facility at the same venue, or require a long let and are unsure of what prices are associated with any of the above, always ask! Make an enquiry through the website or social media channels, give the venue/venue manager a call and arrange to view the venue you’re interested in. You don’t know how the team might be able to help you maximise value until you ask.

And always look for a reputable venue hire or lettings company with lots of highly rated reviews, a strong social media presence and lots of helpful information on their website!

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