Ways to improve facilities management in your school

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Improving energy efficiency in school lettings
October 11, 2023
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How to maximise school lettings online
October 11, 2023
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School facilities management 

Your school lettings programme is of course vital to the success and achievements of your school – the additional income generated from letting out your facilities benefitting your pupils and your staff every day. And, indeed, you want to ensure your facilities management processes are exceptional to allow for maximised lettings and 100% customer satisfaction rates. To help you, we’ve put together this helpful blog on ways to improve facilities management in your school. 

Ways to improve facilities management in your school

Use an online booking system: online booking systems and websites are designed specifically to help venues manage and track bookings, mitigate risks and keep vital booking information all in one place which, in turn, can take a lot of the stress out of facilities management – at the click of a button your staff can see what facilities are book by who, when and how long for – no trawling through emails or searching for a lone piece of paper to find out what’s booked when! 

Foster communication – between departments and with hirers: ensuring that all departments are clearly and regularly communicated with and communication is encouraged between departments regarding school facilities, bookings, maintenance and upgrading is key to a successful facilities management programme and therefore to a successful school lettings programme as your facilities for hire must remain in good condition and be available for community bookings as often during the year as is possible. 

Communication is also vital between your school and your hirers – ensuring hirers and potential hirers feel welcomed, listened to, their needs met and their feedback following a hire taken seriously. 

Conduct regular facility audits: conducting regular facility audits – keeping track of equipment, supplies and any maintenance issues or safety concerns experienced within a facility such as your main hall or a particular classroom, for example – will minimise the risk of losing expensive or vital equipment like chairs, tables or tech., as well as ensuring your facilities undergo regular maintenance, therefore less likely to require a complete shut down to the public for a lengthy period of time which, of course, would mean a loss of earnings. 

Work with an external company: outsourcing your school lettings programme can greatly maximise and improve revenue achieved via school lettings and your facilities management programme as for teams such as ours here at Schoolhire Solutions Ltd., it’s our job to manage your lettings – manage new and existing bookings, communicate with customers, and take care of the facilities available for hire – ensuring your community lettings run smoothly and to a profit. 


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