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If you’re looking for support with your school lettings program, we can help

If you’re currently working within a school and running your school lettings program in-house, or considering working with an external lettings company, we can help. Here, we’d like to take the opportunity to share with you a number of reasons to join our school lettings program. 

Reasons to join our school lettings program

Knowledgeable, friendly & proactive team members: our team of venue professionals have many years’ experience in managing and administrating venue hire; ensuring current, potential and prospective hirers are well-informed, well-equipped and well-looked after, whilst leaving you and your team to focus on your daily tasks. 

Maximise revenue, minimise the additional workload: our team provides you with full lettings support – venue management, administration, customer support and care taking – as well as venue and facility promotion across all of our digital and offline platforms, providing you with the additional income enjoyed from opening up your facilities to the community, without the commitment of additional in-house resources or increasing current staff workload. 

Reliability & customer satisfaction: here at Schoolhire Solutions Ltd., we’re known for our reliability, honesty, hard work and customer satisfaction – maximising lettings in a growing number of schools across London, Surrey and Berkshire. In fact, for one of the schools in our directory, we more than doubled the income from lettings within just 6 short months of working with them. 

We’ve supported almost 600 hirers to find their ideal venue: towards the beginning of this year, we were proud to announce that we’ve supported almost 600 hirers – a total of 588 to be exact – to find their ideal venue; matching passionate hirers with affordable, well-placed and well-equipped facilities for hire in various locations across the South. What does this mean for you? Our address book is absolutely brimming with hirers, our reputation is positively growing and our directory is bursting with a wide variety of venues & facilities for hire.

Our audience is growing everyday: in under 2 years, our online audience, spread over a number of digital platforms, has grown significantly to over 1500 engaged hirers, event managers, schools and holiday club leaders, with many of them searching for venues for hire in and around London, Surrey and Berkshire.   


So, if you’re considering outsourcing your school lettings program, please do get in touch – our incredible team is here to help you maximise your revenue. 

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