Top corporate venues for outdoor team building activities
June 13, 2024
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What is the first step in event planning?
June 13, 2024
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6 great ideas for corporate team building activities

Thinking of fun, effective and meaningful corporate team building activities that don’t feel cliche or forced can be difficult. So, here, we’ve thought of 6 ideas for corporate team building activities to help inspire you. 

Ideas for corporate team building activities

Sports Day: getting your team working together and participating in sports is an extremely effective way to build confidence and communication within the team, as well as fostering positive professional relationships. As such, consider holding a sports day – either outside on a MUGA or artificial pitch during the dry, warm summer months or indoors at a sports hall over the autumn and winter months – for your employees; whether that be offering a number of competitive sports throughout the day, in the style of a traditional school Sports Day, or football, tennis or basketball/netball matches. 

Charity event: whether volunteering at your local charity’s next big public event, holding a corporate conference and inviting a charity guest speaker or holding a fundraising dinner for your employees, holding a charity event all your employees can participate in is a meaningful way to bring your team together for a positive cause. 

Creative workshops: creative workshops are a wonderful way to get your team working together, talking, and sharing ideas, tips & tricks away from their desks and in a more informal, casual setting where they can be encouraged to be themselves, make friends and create something they’re personally proud of. Creative workshop ideas include: photography, jewelry making, pottery classes, painting classes or scrapbooking. An effective and exciting way of structuring these workshops – especially relevant to larger teams and organisations – could be to offer a number of different workshops for teams to try throughout the day at one location, offering variety. 

Murder mystery dinner: almost everyone loves a nice dinner out; being able to get dressed up and socialise with friends & co workers – add a story telling element such as a murder mystery evening – and you’ve got a fun, funny, exciting evening designed to get teams laughing, talking and problem-solving together, all in a casual setting. 

Scavenger hunt: a scavenger hunt is a great way to bring teams together, not only to build positive relationships within your team, but also to bring them together to develop those all important soft skills such as communication, problem solving, teamwork, leadership and critical thinking. Not only this, but holding a scavenger hunt is also a meaningful way to get teams out and about in the sunshine (if held in the warm spring/summer months) and enjoying some fresh air together. Throw in a picnic over lunchtime and you have the perfect summer team building day. 

Puzzle race: a puzzle race (or puzzle competition) is a fun and effective way to bring teams together into smaller groups to compete for first place – the question  being “which group can complete the chosen puzzle or puzzles first?”. And when we say ‘puzzle’ we don’t just mean the jigsaw kind (although this is of course an option!). No, the ‘puzzle(s)’ in question could be a riddle, maze or escape room set up, depending on your budget, number of employees participating or time limits. 


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