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Ways to improve facilities management in your school
October 11, 2023
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October 11, 2023
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Maximise school lettings online 

Running a school lettings programme can take a lot of time and energy but, with this comes many rewards and, as such, finding a way to maximise school lettings online can in turn maximise these rewards, providing your school with additional income for field trips, much needed equipment and supplies, and even additional staff. Here, we’ll go through some handy hints and tips around how to maximise school lettings online. 

How to maximise school lettings online

Facilities hire webpage: if you don’t have one as part of your website already, creating a facilities hire or ‘Facilities for Hire’ dedicated page as part of your website will help to bring in new leads & enquiries naturally; providing visitors to your site with an overview of what facilities you have available for hire, prices and availability. Or, if you already have a ‘Facilities for Hire’ webpage, consider how you might be able to improve this page. Perhaps you can add – 

  • Prices of individual facilities
  • Photos of facilities available for hire 
  • A clear call to action for visitors to get in touch

Promote your lettings programme on social media: social media is a really powerful tool for reaching large communities of people looking for spaces to hire. Incorporating posts into your current social media activity that actively promote the facilities you have available for hire and simply the fact that you have a lettings programme can make a significant positive difference to online bookings. 

Work with experts: working with experts who know and understand the online school lettings market, have a tried and tested way of promoting your facilities for hire and generating bookings is, of course, key to maximising online lettings. 

At Schoolhire Solutions Ltd. for example, we have a track record in doubling the lettings of our current clients and, bringing in our own staff of Venue Administrators and Caretakers allows us to take over customer service and lettings admin., bookings and communications; taking the weight of running a school lettings programme in-house off of your already busy staff! 

To browse our growing directory of venues please click here or contact us for more information regarding our work with schools across London, Surrey and the South.

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