best school facilities for hire in Croydon Schoolhire Solutions Ltd
Best school facilities for hire in Croydon
November 8, 2023
The importance of gym classes Schoolhire Solutions Ltd
The importance of gym classes
November 8, 2023
5 steps to the ideal classroom hire Schoolhire Solutions Ltd

The process of hiring a classroom

Hiring a classroom for your next group activity, meeting, training day or private tutoring session doesn’t have to be stressful, confusing or costly – it can be an easy and stress-free process that ends in a rewarding, long term professional relationship built between you as the hirer and the venue your hiring from. Here are 5 steps to the ideal classroom hire, otherwise known as: what to expect during the classroom hire process. 

5 steps to the ideal classroom hire

Research, research, research: it’s a good idea to start the hiring process by considering exactly what you need – how many attendees you expect to have, what your lesson plan or meeting will look like and therefore what, if any, audio/visual equipment you’ll need and what location you’d like to hold your event at. This will help you narrow down your classroom hire options by: 

  • Location
  • Size and capacity
  • Available equipment 

From there, you’ll have a narrow pool of great venue options from which to choose, and can move onto the next step. 

Consider your budget: how much you have to spend or, indeed, would like to spend will impact your venue choice. A classroom hire in central London, for example, will inevitably cost more than a classroom in South or Greater London. And, in conjunction with this, associated travel costs and commuting time may also impact your budget. 

Look for reviews, testimonials & social proof: when searching for the ideal classroom, reading reviews, testimonials and looking for other signs of social proof such as social media videos and comments will provide you with a really good idea, not only of how suitable the facilities for hire are, but also how efficient and helpful the hiring company responsible for the venue hiring process is. At Schoolhire Solutions Ltd., for example, you’ll find an entire page of our website dedicated to 5-star testimonials provided by happy hirers and schools alike! 

Make a booking enquiry: make a booking enquiry and start a conversation with the company responsible for hiring the venue – ask questions about cost, availability, facilities and amenities included in the price; a good venue hire company will have all the information you need to hand! And if they don’t, they’ll be able to find out ASAP. 

View the venue: once you’ve made your booking enquiry, if you are unfamiliar with the venue or location and would like to see it before committing, arrange to view the venue with a Venue Administrator or similar who can show you everything you need to see, answer any questions you have and alleviate any concerns you may have. Once you’ve decided to take the venue, you can then sign any required forms and the venue is yours on the dates you require it! 

Overall, the key to a stress-free and pleasant classroom hire experience is working with a conscientious and attentive team of venue hire professionals willing and able to answer any questions you have and handle any issues that arise; a company that supports your venture and wants to help you find the ideal venue for your requirements at the very best price – a company like Schoolhire Solutions Ltd.

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