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5 children's birthday party ideas - Schoolhire Solutions Ltd

Top 5 children’s birthday party ideas

Birthday party season is truly upon us! And if, like many of us, you’re currently planning your child’s next birthday party, you may be looking for theme and activity ideas to help you throw the perfect party to remember. Here, we’ll take you through 5 children’s birthday party ideas to get you feeling inspired; all appropriate for a hired venue such as a school hall or MUGA pitch. 

5 children’s birthday party ideas

Football party: perfect for the sports-fanatic of the family, a football themed party will get everyone moving and working together in a meaningful and enjoyable way. What’s more, a football themed party provides you as the hirer with the option of booking an indoor or outdoor venue (or both!) such as a sports hall or a MUGA pitch. 

All you’d need are a couple of goals, some (preferably soft!) footballs or similar, and someone willing to play referee! 

Children can come dressed as their favourite footballers or in shorts & tshirt for comfort, and all are sure to have a good time running around the hall – or pitch! – and burning off some excess energy. 

Dance/dance competition party: quick & simple to put together, dance competition or dance parties are another great way to get children moving; putting all their excited energy to good use! A sports hall or dance studio would be a fantastic venue for this – providing space for your attendees to really let loose and get moving. 

Low effort yet high reward, a dance themed party requires sensible footwear and a fantastic playlist of fun, energetic songs and can include other, related, activities such as musical chairs/musical statues to keep everyone occupied. 

Roller skating/blading party: roller discos are all the rage so, if your children like to skate, why not through a roller skating party? You’ll need a sports hall, some cones as markers, some funky lights and some kind of audio system to play music through and you’re all set. 

Plus, should you have children attending of all skating abilities, you can easily create a special ‘beginners’ area in the middle of the skating circle for those with less confidence on their wheels. 

Just like roller discos, roller skating parties are best enjoyed with the lights off and perhaps some fun accent lights or glow sticks strategically placed around the hall for health & safety, whilst still enabling any light up skates to be thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

Alongside the usual round-rink skating, activities can include:

  • Boot races
  • Follow the leader
  • Freeze skate
  • Tag

To keep everyone engaged and occupied! 

NB: As an aside, it’s always a good idea to provide plenty of water/refreshments at a party like this as roller skating can be thirsty work! 

Glitz & glamour party: perhaps best suited to younger children, a glitz & glamour party can include all manner of fun entertainment ideas and activities, all with a touch of sophistication and style, alongside sequin or glitter-infused decorations such as banners, streamers and balloons. 

A glitz & glamour party could be held on any scale and at almost any venue including: 

  • A classroom, for a small group of children
  • A main hall or sports hall for larger groups and/or parties with a lot of different activities/entertainment options
  • A MUGA pitch for any party held during the warmer months

Or any combination of venues. 

For this kind of party, you may also wish to consider also hiring – 

  • A photo booth
  • A glitter ‘tattooist’ 
  • A face painter
  • A magician

And ask everyone to come in their fanciest clothes (not to be confused with fancy dress!). And, if you really feel like taking the glamour that one step further, you could always offer a fun prize for the best dressed attendee! 

‘Everything outdoors’ party: if your children love being outdoors, why not throw an ‘everything outdoors’ party? Best for the warmer months (typically May – September), an everything outdoors party can be held on a MUGA pitch or other sizable outdoor space, and can include as many or as few activities as you like. 

You could hire in a bouncy castle and an outdoor (giant) darts board, set up relay or beanbag race courses across the field, or hang some colourful bunting over a beautifully decorated table, placed with party hats & fun puzzles. 

Whatever theme you choose for your children’s – or child’s – birthday party, choosing the right venue is the very first step you’ll need to take to throw the perfect party; providing the foundations for a memorable and enjoyable day. 

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