Schoolhire Solutions Ltd recently undertook a case study on one of our schools which we currently manage in Surrey, Stanley Park High. Stanley Park was designated a One School Pathfinder in 2006, a directive to develop a state of the art school for the 21st century. It opened in 2012 and provides outstanding learning opportunities and facilities to over 1,000 pupils.

When we took over at Stanley Park in 2012 the remit was simple:

  1. Reduce the workload on teaching and administration staff.

  2. Grow revenue opportunities from letting school facilities when they are not needed for students.

  3. Ensure that 3rd parties who use the facilities are suitable.

  4. Develop transparent, auditable accounting.

As the revenue chart above illustrates, Stanley Park High is on course to achieve a 100% growth in revenue from the activities of Schoolhire Solutions in under 3 years.

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